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AHW 3d small 2.0

All His Wrath

The long-awaited 2nd volume in The Gargoyle ChroniclesAll His Wrath plunges Danielle and her friends, along with the grown-ups in their lives, into abject danger. But is the greater threat from the minions of Kahrnahrgx…or from within their fellowship?




3d Cover - SmNeverSeen

Not your mother’s fairytale. More like Tinkerbell goes to Avatar. Multiple award-winning fantasy.





final-3d-book CLEARThe Quest for the Temple Key

Creatures. Time-bending. Kids up against terrible odds. Epic fantasy at its best. Winner of 3 North American Books Awards.




TTOK_SliderThe Temple of Kahrnahrgx

The original story that launched The Gargoyle Chronicles. Now, exceedingly rare, there are only a small number of original softcover editions. Available for special autographed gifts.




WatsonsWay-3D-WebTransparentWatson’s Way; Life Lessons We Earned From Our Brilliant Dog

The ever-charming Watson leads his readers through amazing adventures of friendship, family, fun and love. This inspirational family devotional book has received more than 40 enthusiastic Amazon reviews and received multiple awards.

Watson’s Way, Special Edition includes a 2-song CD. Each song brings a lovely ballad to augment the delightful stories inside.

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