A young girl. A diabolical gargoyle. A sacrifice to save the world.

A smart young girl is unwillingly thrust into a frantic quest to save mysterious people and bizarre creatures from a deadly foe, determined to destroy everything—and everyone—she cares about.

Thirteen-year-old Danielle Wheelen had never thought of herself as adventurous until, alone, she must face two enormous gargoyles, Ercen and Kimar, and decide whether she trusts them. Was she kidnapped—as all the evidence indicates—or rescued from doom, like they say? Can she believe their assertion that she has a power to save the entire world from a diabolical gargoyle and his minions? How can a simple girl break the monstrous power of the key to the enemy’s ghastly temple, crafted from the very soul of a broken, elderly woman?

Danielle’s epic journey will captivate readers as she confronts powerful threats, and finds perplexing friends along her dangerous path. With the help of a gargoyle named Lohxnahr, Danielle struggles against forces

beyond her worst terrors. She must dig deep to find enough courage and resilience to challenge the rogue gargoyle commander of the renegade army, bent on seizing control of the human race.

Full of wonder, suspense and adventure, this novel is a fun, page-turning fantasy that also asks serious questions about the true meaning of love, faith and friendship.

The Quest for the Temple Key is the 1st volume in The Gargoyle Chronicles series.

The Nightmare Begins…

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