The Story That Launched The Gargoyle Chronicles Series

Way back when—in my youth—this was the title that dropped into my head. At least, it felt like it did. There may have even been a wee “plop” sound. At any rate, that name is what germinated in my mind for a very long time until, when I needed it to leap out as a fantasy novel concept, it did.

But I didn’t know what I didn’t know, as the saying goes. Especially about self-publishing. One of the more painful discoveries was that everything about the cover of my inaugural novel made it difficult for my readers to eagerly embrace it. The title looked difficult to pronounce. If you’re curious, it’s just “car-narcs.” Not that any cars or narcs show up in the story line. The antagonist’s name was meant to look intimidating, but be easy to say. But putting it on the cover literally made some people decide the story would be complicated. Alas! It turned out the beautiful cover, inspired by my daughter’s sketch, looks more mysterious than adventurous. Again, the cover was a bit off. Finally, I used my actual initials rather than a pen name. This confused my non-fiction readers. So a cover do-over was in order. And quick!

Although the story inside is the same, The Quest for Temple Key has a cover that ticks all the right boxes. However, The Temple of Kahrnahrgx is still available as a paperback book. If you’d like to own the rare original, with its gorgeous cover, let us know.

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