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Ask anyone. Of all the relationship combos that can result in fireworks, the friction between teen daughters and their moms take first place. Except, no. There’s no reason it has to be like that. At all…



A young fairy, a deadly secret, and an elusive agency watching everything and everyone. How would you deal with everyday existence knowing that your sisters are telekinetic…

Watson’s Way

Who wouldn’t want to get lessons for living from the “Canine Guru”? This highly rated, multiple award-winning inspirational book is a cross between Marley & Me and a great devotional journal.

The Quest For The Temple Key

A young girl. A diabolical gargoyle. A sacrifice to save the world. A smart young girl is unwillingly thrust into a frantic quest to save mysterious people and bizarre creatures…

All His Wrath

A year older and cleverer, Danielle distrusts the growing sense of dread that haunts her. She knows nothing of what hunts her friends. They know nothing of her foreboding.

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