OUR STORY: The Why Behind The What

Prepare For Rain Press is a small, narrow-niche publishing company. It is our intent to stay small, publishing only a handful of titles per year. “Big” often means impersonal, which is something we wish to avoid.

We have a deep commitment to books for young adults that are fantasy-based, where imagination is inspired and celebrated, but also where abiding truths are revealed. In the spirit of J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and J. K. Rowling, for example, storylines we wish to publish will likely have great quests that test the character of the protagonist and sidekicks. Many challenges will be faced, often requiring sacrifice.

Our motto indicates that we’re dedicated to guiding authors in delivering a Christian message. From an editorial position, what does this mean? Let’s start with what it does not mean: the story does not need to include an overt message of faith. Consider that the three authors mentioned in the previous paragraph all covered Christian themes—battle of good and evil; the testing of one’s faith; temptation; caring about others more than oneself—without ever specifically mentioning the Bible, God, salvation, etc. And they did this without adding into their stories gimmicks like swearing, drug use or sex to make them “more relevant.” So then, it means we’re looking for strong writing, compelling plotting, brilliant characters and a moving story arc. Which is another way to say that, like it or not so much, we believe that really great stories—when those elements mentioned are within them—are, arguably, Christian? Even when, as in the Harry Potter series, the theme of magic is heavily employed; using magical themes makes a book no more “non-Christian” than using Biblical references makes it Christian.

Prepare For Rain Press is very open to related genres, especially middle-grade novels. If you are interested in publishing something that doesn’t quite seem to fit, just engage us in a conversation.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll become our inaugural author in that genre.

Reach us at support@prepareforrainpress.com.

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