OUR PHILOSOPHY: It’s your turn. Become an author!

At Prepare For Rain Press, we believe . . .

A great YA story contains five essential components:

  1. empathy,
  2. authenticity,
  3. urgency,
  4. meaning and
  5. originality.

Of course, any great story contains these elements. Whether your specific genre is more middle-grade than “new adult” (we’re using a pretty wide age-range when we say “YA” is our niche, by the way), a great story doesn’t need to have drugs, sex or swearing to reach a young audience; they seem like gimmicks to hide poor writing, in our opinion.

A “Christian YA novelist” doesn’t need their novel to preach or invoke the highest levels of theological discourse to be “Christian.” As a Christian writer, your intent is to convey a story with eternal truths in it, written in a way that is relatable and relevant to a not-yet-adult reader.

Authors are smart enough to figure out how to do everything we help with, if they have enough time. Many don’t, so they choose to delegate some/all of the process…exactly because they don’t have enough time.

Getting published should be a friendly process where you are treated with respect.

It’s understood that your strong passion for writing doesn’t necessarily equate to having strong skill. When you want your story to be at its very best before it launches into the world, you put your focus on the story and not on your ego.

Having a “go-to resource” is invaluable for a novelist.

We have professional resources (i.e., passionate artists that specialize in different aspects of book publishing than you do) that can help you convert your print book into all popular e-book (and other digital) formats.

Have you heard that your finished manuscript represents only 10% of the publishing process? Well, it’s true. Another 40% will go to the mechanics of turning your manuscript into a finished, professional book. The final 50% falls into the realm of marketing and selling your story. But don’t be disheartened. Our objective is to help you become a published novelist, in as fast and simple a process as possible. We’ll help you achieve your publishing goals, as well as guide your marketing efforts to reach new markets and communities.

Offering you powerful, low-cost marketing/selling strategies are the ways we provide exceptional service.

If you want to be more proactive in your book marketing, we have simple mentoring packages to guide you.

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